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Xiamen to Gulangyu is mainly by ferry from Xiamen International Cruise Center to Sanqiutian Pier or Neiliao Ferry Pier of Gulangyu.

Sanqiutian Wharf is located near the popular tourist area on the east coast of Gulangyu Island. Most tourists will choose to get on and off the island here. Neilongao Wharf is on the west coast of Gulangyu Island. Generally, it will live near the Neilongao Wharf. Choose to get up and down the island here.

It is recommended to buy tickets 2-3 days in advance on weekdays and 10 days in advance on holidays. It can be purchased on the official website of Xiamen Ferry Co., Ltd. (up to 15 days in advance) or WeChat public account (up to 5 days in advance). ticket.

Ferry tickets are round-trip tickets. Return tickets can be boarded from any pier on the island. Tickets cannot be changed. You can apply for a refund at least one hour before sailing.

The ferry terminal has become a citizen-only terminal in 2014, but tourists can take the ferry here when they get on and off the island at night.
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