Palgongsan Tofu

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Bagongshan Bean Curd or Palgongsan Tofu is a well-known traditional dish in Anhui Cuisine, which looks as crystal as white jade and as tender as bitty cream, features delicate texture, tastes fresh and smooth without yellow serofluid flavor and is not subject to breaking when holding. The finished dish looks golden in color and tastes crisp outside and tender inside, which is quite delicious.

Tofu is nutritious and reputed as "vegetable meat". It contains multiple trace elements like iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium as well as sugars, vegetable oil and rich high-quality proteins. The digestibility of tofu is over 95% and two pieces of bean curd can provide the calcium required by human body per day.


Cold in nature and sweet in taste, tofu can invigorate the spleen Qi, eliminate dampness, and clear away heat and toxic materials. It is very effective for weakness after illness, hard breath, reduced appetite, insufficient milk secretion, kidney deficiency, difficult urination or frequent urination, strangury and turbid urine, retention of heat in the spleen and stomach, acne, dry mouth and throat, cough with lung heat, abdominal fullness and distention, dysentery and so on.

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