Syrup of Plum

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Sweet-sour Plum Juice is a traditional summer drink in old Beijing. The main ingredients for making this juice include dark plum, hawthorn, osmanthus, licorice and rock candy. The drink can ward off disease, improve health, eliminate grease, whet the appetite and tonify spleen, thus a rare health drink in hot summer.

Nutrition and Efficacy

The plum contains vitamins such as vitamin B2. Although it tastes sour, it is an alkaline food. If you eat too much acidic foods such as meat, drinking sour plum soup, it could help balance the blood PH value of the body.

The organic acid content of the plum is very rich, such as citric acid, malic acid and the like. Among them, there is a special kind of tannic acid, which can effectively inhibit lactic acid and remove harmful substances that cause blood vessels to age.

The acid in the plum can also promote the secretion of salivary glands and gastric glands. It not only can promot the secretion of saliva and quench thirst, but also avoid motion sickness when you go out to play, or play a role in waking up after drinking too much.

The sulphuric acid in the plum can inhibit lactic acid. Excessive lactic acid content in the body is an important cause of fatigue. Therefore, when you feel tired in summer, a cup of sour plum soup can play a very good refreshing effect, rejuvenating muscles and blood vessels.

Sour plum is also a natural throat medicine that gently moisturizes the inflamed parts of the throat and relieves pain.

Not Suitable For

  1. The person who catches a cold couldn’t drink it.
  2. Children can't drink it too much.
  3. Diabetic patients couldn’t drink it.

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