Juicy Beef Ball

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Juicy Beef Ball or Pissing Beef Ball can be traced back to Emperor Shuzhi's Reign in Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911 AD). Originated from the ancient town Songjiang in the southeast China, this is a snack invented by Wang Family with special technology. As the family's descendants moved to Hong Kong later, it gradually became a famous food on Hong Kong Island and was even loved by Her Majesty, thus also known as "tribute ball". To make Juicy Beef Balls, mashed beef and mantis shrimp are mixed together and shrimp juice is stewed to jelly; then, the jelly is wrapped in the beef mixing and cooked thoroughly. Pissing Beef Ball derives its name from mantis shrimp which is called pissing shrimp in Hong Kong. Another saying goes that the name is in fact a metaphor: when you bite the ball, it shoots juice. Hong Kong beef balls are famous for the chewy and juicy texture. Beef balls are usually cooked with rice noodles, fried with shrimp, cashew and other ingredients, or deep-fried with quail eggs and fish balls. They are crisp outside and tender inside, sweet and delicious.

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