Mapo Tofu (Sauteed Tofu in Hot and Spicy Sauce)

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Mapo Tofu, also known as Mapo Beancurd, is one of the most well-known and distinctive in Chinese tofu dishes, and has become a world-famous Sichuan dish. Mapo Tofu is specially cooked by "stewing" method and decorated with brown-red minced beef and green garlic seedlings on the white and tender tofu in the bright red oil. Looking like a piece of jade inlaid with amber, the dish has a spicy, hot, tender, crisp, appetizing and fresh flavor.

Nutrition and Efficacy

  1. Rich in animal and vegetable protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and carbohydrates, the dish can warm spleen and stomach, tonify Qi, detoxify and moisten dryness, and refresh.
  2. In summer, Mapo Tofu can help produce saliva and slake thirst, invigorate the spleen, improve health and prevent diseases. It is also a good choice for those with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.
  3. Tofu is a nourishing, heat-clearing and health-preserving food which can tonify Qi, clear away heat and moisten dryness, help produce saliva and slake thirst, clean intestines and stomach, detoxify and remove dampness. It is more suitable for people with heat-generating constitution, ozostomia and thirst and unclear intestines and stomach, and those who are regulating after fever.

What you should also eat when eating this dish?

When tofu and fish are eaten together, the animal protein in fish can be better absorbed.

Nutrient Content

project Data / 100g NRVs ( %) project Data / 100g NRVs ( %)
Heat 96.4kcal 4.8 Dietary fiber 0.7g 2.8
protein 5g 8.3 calcium 19.4mg 2.4
Carbohydrate 5.2g 1.7 iron 1.3mg 8.7
fat 6.4g 10.7 sodium 345.7mg 17.3
Saturated fat 1.6g 8 Potassium 112.5mg 5.6
cholesterol 9.5mg 3.2      

Raw material ratio: 350 grams of tender tofu, 50 grams of beef, 50 grams of beef chop (beef), Sichuan 20 grams of bean paste, 2 ml of cooking wine, 5 grams of sugar, 5 ml of soy sauce, 0.5 g of MSG, raw flour, 1 ml of sesame oil, 2 g of onion, 1 g of ginger, 5 g of garlic, 5 ml of refined oil, 0.5 g of pepper powder


It's spicy and hot

Reviewed Feb 27, 2020

I once ate it in Sichuan, China. It's really spicy and hot.


Wonderful food

Reviewed Feb 29, 2020

I like this dish so much that I order it every time I go to a Chinese restaurant. The taste is beyond description and it is wonderful.


unforgetable food

Reviewed Mar 29, 2020

I have never eaten tofu before going to China, and I dare not imagine that beans can be made into such a delicious food。It's a little spicy but makes me unforgetable.