Boiled Chicken

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Boiled Chicken with Sauce or Sliced Boiled Chicken is a specialty in Guangdong cuisine. With white meat covered with oily skin, the dish is decorated with green onion sections and pleasing to the eye and has the aroma of chive oil. The dish is usually served with soy sauce or special Puning bean paste to maintain the original delicacy of chicken.

Nutrition and Efficacy

Every 100g chicken contains 74% water, 22% protein, 13 mg calcium, 190 mg phosphorus, 1.5 mg iron, etc., and chicken is also rich in vitamin A. It also contains vitamins C and E.

Chicken is not only low in fat, but also mostly contains unsaturated fatty acids. It is an ideal protein food for children, middle-aged and elderly people, patients with cardiovascular diseases, and those who are weak after illness.

Dont's for Matching

  1. Do not eat chicken with pheasant, turtle, carp, crucian, rabbit meat, shrimp, chive and garlic;
  2. Do not eat with sesame and chrysanthemum, or it will lead to poisoning;
  3. Do not eat with plum, or it can cause diarrhea;
  4. Eating with mustard can cause inflammation.

Not Suitable For

  1. People with excessive endogenous fire or phlegmatic hygrosis and those suffering from obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cholecystitis and cholelithiasis should not eat chicken;
  2. Chicken is warm-natured and not suitable for those with hyperactivity of liver-yang, oral erosion, furuncle and constipation;
  3. Those suffering from cold with headache, fatigue and fever should avoid eating chicken.

Nutrient Content

project Data / 100g NRVs ( %) project Data / 100g NRVs ( %)
Heat 187.1kcal 9.4 Dietary fiber 0.4g 1.6
protein 10.3g 17.2 calcium 9.6mg 1.2
Carbohydrate 4.5g 1.5 iron 0.8mg 5.3
fat 14.3g 23.8 sodium 237mg 11.9
Saturated fat 0.8g 4 Potassium 163.2mg 8.2
cholesterol 81.1mg 27      

Raw material ratio: 550 grams of net fat young hen, 100 grams of onion, 40 grams of ginger


Special and Delicious

Reviewed Mar 04, 2020

I have never eaten a chicken cooked in this way. It is so delicious when dipped in seasonings. My friend and I eaten two at one time.