Braised Sea Clam with Chicken Soup

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Braised Mussel with Chicken Soup or Braised Sea Clam in Chicken Broth is special dish of Fujian Cuisine, which takes sea clams and chicken as base, beef and griskin as ingredients, is quick-boiled by hot chicken soup and tastes salty and delicious.

Suitable For

The soup is suitable for the entire population, especially the elderly, the sick and the weak.

Those with cold, fever, excessive endogenous fire, obesity, hypertension, high blood lipid, cholecystitis and cholelithiasis should avoid taking the soup.

Nutrition and Efficacy

Clam has the nutritional characteristics of high protein, high trace elements, high iron, high calcium and low fat and contains a kind of dietary 7-cholesterol and 24-methylene cholesterol which can lower serum cholesterol. According to TCM, clam meat is cold and salty and it can nourish Yin, reduce phlegm, promote diuresis, and improve eyesight.

Nutritional Components

Every 100 g of the dish contains 1.94 g carbohydrates, 2.55 g fat and 11.80 g proteins. The dish is considered light and low-calorie. It can be taken while losing weight by removing the excessive fat and oil.

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