Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

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Fo Tiao Qiang (Steamed Abalone with Shark Fin and Fish Maw in Broth, literally 'Buddha Jumps over the Wall') is a famous dish in Fujian cuisine, which usually includes abalone, sea cucumber, shark fin, yak-skin gelatin, pleurotus eryngii, hoof tendon, mushroom, cuttlefish, dried scallop, quail egg and other ingredients that stewed with soup-stock and Shaoxing rice wine in gentle heat. The finished dish has a strong and mixed flavor of being tender, soft and agreeably fat.

Flavor Characteristics

Since Fo Tiao Qiang is a fusion of dozens of ingredients, it not only has the common seafood flavor but also maintains the characteristics of each ingredient despite the mutual permeating.

During the stewing process, the dish reveals little fragrance but when it is finished, the wine fragrance will immediately assail the nostrils as soon as the cover is removed a little bit. The soup is tasty and agreeably fat. When served, the dish gives off wine fragrance and tempting flavors, leading to endless aftertastes.

Nutrition and Efficacy

The Buddha jump wall has the functions of enhancing immunity, regulating menstruation, moistening intestine, maintaining beauty and keeping young, inhibiting the formation of blood clots, inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, lowering blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure, softening blood vessels, preventing and treating male prostate diseases, increasing hematopoietic function, accelerating wound healing, promoting growth and development, and healing the coronary heart disease etc.

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