Duck Soup

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Duck Soup is a traditional dish along the Yangtze River in Anhui Province. Being clear, mellow and delicious, the soup features yellow fat and crisp meat, is rich in bone collagen, bone calcium and other contents, and can nourish the stomach and spleen and help to keep fit. Therefore, it is a popular soup that integrates delicacy, health care, traditional nourishing and folk diet therapy.

Suitable For

  1. Duck Soup can be a tonic for those with Yin deficiency and symptoms such as feverish feeling in palms and soles, hectic fever and night sweat, dry hair and irritability.
  2. The soup is also suitable for those prone to dry cough, less phlegm and pharynx.
  3. Those with edema and difficult urination need to consult a doctor. If there is no contraindication, Duck Soup can be taken appropriately to relieve edema and promote diuresis.

Nutrition and Efficacy

  1. Duck Soup is a good tonic in summer. It is not only rich in nutrition, but also can nourish the Yang of five organs, clear away the consumptive heat, enrich blood and nourish the stomach to improve the production of body fluid.
  2. When the Duck Soup is stewed, lotus root, wax gourd and other vegetables can be added to balance meat and vegetable, complement nutrition, tonify deficiency, relieve summer heat and nourish Yang. Therefore, it is a good summer tonic. If gorgon fruit and coix seed are added, its effect of nourishing Yang will be further improved and it can tonify spleen, resolve dampness, and increase appetite.

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