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Chinese dumplings or Jiaozi, a traditional specialty deeply loved by Chinese people, are a staple food and local snack in China as well as a kind of festival food. A Chinese proverb goes that, ''Great Cold and Lesser Cold, celebrating the New Year with dumplings''. Generally, Chinese dumplings are made of flour wrappers and fillings and boiled in water.


Providing energy: dumpling wrappers are high in carbohydrates, which can be absorbed by body and convert into sugar to provide heat for the body; also, Chinese dumpling wrappers are quite easy to digest and absorb, and Chinese dumplings can quickly replenish energy.

Balancing nutrition: Dumplings are made from flour, meat and vegetables. They contain various nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, cellulose, vitamins and minerals. They are of balanced nutrients and could provide enough energy and nutrients for people needed in a day.

Enhancing immunity: dumpling wrappers are made of flour that rich in vegetable protein and the meat fillings are high in animal protein. Since protein is the most important nutrient to maintain immune function, and a major component of leucocyte and antibody, eating Chinese dumplings can enhance immunity.

Easy to absorb: from the perspective of nutrition, Jiaozi is steamed or boiled with water vapor as a heat-transfer medium, enabling the full cracking of starch polysaccharides that can be easily absorbed by human body.


  1. Fillings like Chinese cabbage, fennel and leeks are rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.
  2. Fish, shrimp, pork, beef or mutton in the fillings can supplement high-quality protein.
  3. In addition to the matching of vegetables rich in dietary fiber and minerals as much as possible, fillings can be also added with ingredients high in soluble fiber, such as mushroom, fungus and tremella, as well as kelp, undaria pinnatifida and other algae. Those ingredients can improve the taste, help reduce the absorption of cholesterol and fat, and inhibit the rise of blood lipids after eating meat fillings.
  4. Steam the pumpkin or carrot to get paste and add into the dough for making wrappers, the dumplings will be in golden color, tasty and rich in carotene and dietary fiber

Not Suitable For:

  1. Pregnant women can not eat fennel stuffing, black fungus stuffing, spinach stuffed dumplings;
  2. Stomach patients should not eat dumplings with leek fillings;
  3. Older people should not eat dumplings for dinner, because the elders usually don’t do sports during the night and the gastrointestinal motility is slow which is not conducive to digestion and easy to cause abdominal distension thus affect sleep.

Nutrient Content

Each calorie of 100 grams contains 124 calories.

Nutrients Content (per 100g) unit
Heat 124 kcal
Carbohydrate 20.22 g
fat 3.21 g
protein 3.3 g
Cellulose 0.7 g

I like dumplings

Reviewed Feb 11, 2020

I once had some pork and Chinese cabbage filling dumplings in a restaurant in Beijing. The wrappers of the dumplings are thin and it tastes so good. I love dumplings and Chinese food.