Griddle Cooked Tea Tree Mushrooms

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Griddle Cooked Tea-tree Mushroom or Griddled Tea-tree Mushroom is a homemade dish in Hunan cuisine, which is yummy and agreeably spicy and sour. With a perfect fusion of preserved ham and mushroom flavors, it is a palatable Hunan dish.


  1. The dish has the effects of clearing heat, calming the liver and improving eyesight.
  2. Also, it can tonify kidney, promote diuresis, invigorate spleen and relieve diarrhea.
  3. In folk China, people often eat it to treat soreness of waist, stomach coldness, nephritis, edema, dizziness, abdominal pain, vomiting and other diseases.
  4. It also has special functions for lowering blood pressure, anti-aging and anti-cancer.


Tea-tree mushroom is rich in nutrition, and its protein content is up to 19.55%. The protein in this mushroom includes 18 kinds of amino acids. The total amino acid content is up to 16.86%. In addition to the eight amino acids essential to human body, it also contains rich B vitamins and minerals like potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.

Nutrient Content

project Data / 100g NRVs ( %) project Data / 100g NRVs ( %)
Heat 211.4kcal 10.6 Dietary fiber 7.3g 29.2
protein 11.7g 19.5 calcium 8.5mg 1.1
Carbohydrate 26.4g 8.8 iron 4.4mg 29.3
fat 9.7g 16.2 sodium 153.4mg 7.7
Saturated fat 2.6g 13 Potassium 976mg 48.8
cholesterol 17.6mg 5.9      

Raw material ratio: 200 grams of tea tree mushroom (dry), 10 grams of pork with 10 grams of pork, 30 grams of onion, 30 grams of red pepper, 30 grams of yellow pepper, 30 grams of green pepper

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