Marinated Meat Combination

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Marinated Meat Platter or Assorted Marinated Meat is a local cold dish which belongs to Guangdong or Hunan cuisine. Assorted Marinated Meat is a dish consisting of several marinated meat products. The soy sauce used to marinate the meat is made by frying and stewing the herbs and has a strong flavor. In addition to ingredients, seasoning and heat control are also critical; marinated times varies with ingredients and the finished dish is supposed to be agreeably tender, smooth, fresh and salty.

A Marinated Meat Platter includes at least 4 to 5 kinds of meat products, including hog ear, hog maw, tripe, duck gizzard and beef tongue, which can be assorted freely without a fixed pattern. The way is just like eating hot pot which offers vegetarian, meat and mushroom platters and people can just choose as desired.

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