Tomato Egg Soup

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Tomato and Egg Soup is one of the most popular home dishes in China. As a perfect nutritional combination of tomatoes and eggs, the soup contains vitamin C, B2, protein and protein which can be easily absorbed by the body. It can make one look more beautiful and improve the elasticity and complexion of skin.

Nutrition and Efficacy

It has the function of strengthening brain, protecting the liver, preventing and treating arteriosclerosis, preventing cancer and delaying aging.

Also, it’s good for skin care, can improve one’s looks, slow down the pigmentation, anti-cancer, lower lipid and blood pressure, prevent the occurrence of blood clots, strengthen stomach and stimulate digestion.

Suitable For

It’s good for people suffer from hypertension, acute and chronic nephritis, hepatitis, night blindness and myopia.

Not Suitable For

Kidney disease, high cholesterol patients should not eat.

Spleen and stomach deficiency people should not eat.

Nutrient Content

Heat: 158.25 kcal

Carotene: 1171.6 micrograms

Potassium: 521.42 mg

Vitamin A: 324.83 micrograms

Cholesterol: 321.75 mg

Phosphorus: 134.79 mg

Sodium: 84.85 mg

Calcium: 59.61 mg

Vitamin C: 44.48 mg

Magnesium: 35.23 mg

Carbohydrate: 12.13 grams

Folic acid: 11.2 micrograms

Protein: 9.79 g

Selenium: 8.59 micrograms

Fat: 8.36 grams

Iodine: 5.02 μg

Iron: 2.41 mg

Vitamin E: 2.34 mg

Dietary fiber: 1.91 g

Zinc: 1.85 mg

Niacin: 1.63 mg

Copper: 0.25 mg

Vitamin B2: 0.24 mg

Manganese: 0.18 mg

Vitamin B1: 0.14 mg

Vitamin B6: 0.12 mg

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