Twice-cooked Pork Slices

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Twice Cooked Pork or Double Cooked Pork is a traditional Sichuan dish which is fat but not greasy, has a special taste of being slightly spicy and sweet, looks bright in color and smells good. As the saying goes, ''one who visits Sichuan but don’t eat Twice Cooked Pork there wastes the trip''. Twice Cooked Pork ranks first in Sichuan dishes with its special flavor.

Nutrition and Efficacy

  1. The Twice Cooked Pork is rich in nutrients such as protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carbohydrates and multivitamins. It has the effect of nourishing Yin, tonifying the kidney, invigorating the spleen and increasing the appetite.
  2. The dish also contains hemoglobin, which acts as an iron supplement and can prevent anemia.

Not Suitable For

The pork in the dish contains too much fat also the sweet bean sauce and soyabean paste both contain sodium. Therefore, who suffers from obesity, high blood lipids or high blood pressure should not eat or avoid eating it.

Suitable For

Suitable for people who suffers from yin deficiency, dizziness, anemia, thirsty, move bowels dry, and malnutrition.

Nutrient Content

project Data / 100g NRVs ( %) project Data / 100g NRVs ( %)
Heat 172kcal 8.6 Dietary fiber 0.8g 3.2
protein 6.7g 11.2 calcium 15.1mg 1.9
Carbohydrate 4.8g 1.6 iron 1.3mg 8.7
fat 14.2g 23.7 sodium 197.4mg 9.9
Saturated fat 4.8g 24 Potassium 161.5mg 8.1
cholesterol 32.7mg 10.9      

Raw material ratio: pork (stewed pork) 200g, green garlic seedlings 150g, Pixian bean paste 5g, soy sauce 3ml, sugar 2g, chicken essence 1g, onion 3g, ginger 3g, minced garlic 2


Incredible Chinese food!

Reviewed Feb 29, 2020

Incredible Chinese food! I can't imagine Chinese people can make pork so delicious. But if you don’t eat chili, you may feel a little spicy.